Make Your Lifestyle Renewable.

Renewable Lifestyles is the source for all of your renewable energy product and installation needs in Prince Edward Island.

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Greener, Cleaner Energy Solutions

Renewable Lifestyles Ltd. is PEI’s most experienced installer of solar energy systems. We offer a wide range of green energy products in the areas of solar electricity, solar water heating, solar pool heating, ductless heat pumps, wind energy, and biomass pellet/multi-fuel stoves.

With the price of oil going up and the price of electricity following in its footsteps, more and more people are turning to alternate forms of heat/electricity. This couldn’t happen sooner with regards to our climate which has suffered greatly during the reign of cheap oil. Whether your motivation is financial or environmental, Renewable Lifestyles has the information and equipment you need to help make your lifestyle renewable.

Solar Electric Panels

Go Solar Electric

Harness the sun’s energy and see real-world examples of the benefits Solar Electric PV can bring to your home or business.

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Home with Solar Panels and Heat Pump combo

Free Heat from the Sun

By combining Solar PV and efficient heat pump solutions, you can provide free heating and cooling for your home.

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Rooftop with Solar Panels and calculator overlay

System Sizing Tool

Use our Solar PV System calculator to estimate the size you'd need to offset some or all of your residential electric bill.

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Solar PV and Wind Turbine

Solar Island Electric

Find out how you can invest in a PEI-based ‘solar leasing’ initiative eligible for provincial tax rebates and RRSPs.

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Solar Electric PV Data Graph

Live Solar PV Data

Watch a local solar PV system perform in real-time! Detailed data logging is available by request on any system.

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Solar PV and Wind Turbine

See Our Installs

With installations across the Island, discover why we’re PEI’s leader in solar energy systems and green energy solutions.

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