Solar Island Electric Inc.

A solar electric PV leasing initiative on PEI eligible for provincial tax rebates and RRSP investments.

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A Smart Investment in Solar Energy

Solar Island Electric Inc. is an innovative company on PEI operating as a Community Economic Development Business. Through this mechanism, investments up to $20,000 per person per year (ie. - up to $40,000 for a couple) made in Solar Island Electric Inc. are eligible for a 35% provincial tax rebate and are also RRSP eligible.

The main business of Solar Island is that of solar leasing. PV systems can be leased with an option to own the systems at a later date. Clients should benefit signficantly within the first five years from leasing a solar PV system versus paying for electricity from the grid. Most investors in the company are clients, and vice versa.

» Solar Island Electric's Brochure

Solar Island Electric Brochure

Solar Island Electric Launches its Fourth Investment Offering

Solar Island Electric Inc. has officially launched a new investment offering, and it may be active for only 90 days. Solar Island Electric has raised over $1 million dollars to date from everyday local residents of many walks who decided to become investors. Many PV systems have been installed and are currently being installed. A growing phenomenon is renewable energy and Solar Island Electric Inc. is at the forefront. If you have questions or would like more information about how you can invest in local business, receive a 35% tax credit, lock in your power rate and provide free power to your home for years to come, contact us today at or (902) 436-7111!

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